English for Children

Course for 4 to 10 year-olds

Learning English is so easy with Morty the young knight!

Successful learning with Mortimer is scientifically proven! More…

Kids of all abilities experience carefree teaching without the pressure to perform in our children’s courses. At each level their vocabulary increases by around 500 words.

  • Courses suitable for children held in small groups.
  • Lively, encouraging, happy lessons.
  • Optimal, effective support.
  • Fantastic teaching materials with simple reading, writing and grammar exercises.
  • Learn simply through songs, verses, conversations and stories – all in English of course.

The Level 1 course is suitable for beginners or as a continuing course for English for Minis alumni.

Learning objectives:

Your child learns the language informally and with all the senses, through games, singing, movement, painting and above all fun. The emphasis is placed on understanding the language and speaking freely. The vocabulary is slowly but steadily increased with many age-appropriate teaching materials and games so that the children are soon able to hold simple conversations in English and understand short stories. Children learn basic grammar intuitively and it is consolidated with special games and exercises. Reading, writing and grammar rules are added according to age and level.

Learning age: 4 – 10 years

The first six years of a child’s life are the most important for the development of the human brain. During this period of time all of the important connections between the individual brain cells are created in the brain. The more influences the young child receives the more diversely the brain develops. Studies have proven that learning a second language at this age positively influences development and intelligence.

But even after the age of six a second language can still be learned effortlessly and almost without an accent. However the ability to learn effortlessly is irretrievably lost at the beginning of puberty – around the age of 11 years. If the child has already learned a second language at pre-school and primary school age it has a great advantage in later life during lessons at school:  the child has already acquired comprehensive knowledge and can prepare for complex learning in a simple and relaxed manner.

Learning group: ca. 4 to 8 children

Teaching takes place in small, age-appropriately divided groups of ca. 4 – 8 children.

Teaching material

  • Set Level 1 contains: 4 activity books, 1 storybook, sticker-book, 1 audio CD and the yellow Mortimer English Club bag.
  • Set Level 2 contains: 4 activity books, 1 storybook, sticker-book, 1 audio CD and the green Mortimer English Club bag.
  • Set Level 2 contains: 2 activity books, sticker-book, 1 audio CD and the red Mortimer English Club bag.

In our English for Children sets (ca. 500 words / level) we cover interesting topics which are appropriate for children. In addition the children become acquainted with many typical English songs, nursery rhymes and stories. In the storybooks “Magic Chest” and “Morty’s Arrival” children also experience enchanting, imaginative adventures. Children learn reading, writing and the first rules of grammar as the levels progress.

Fit for English – from 8 to 16 years

Fit for English consists of innovative private lessons and advanced level English lessons for students of all levels – from primary to secondary school. We also provide targeted preparatory courses for primary school children and help prepare your child for secondary school. It is very important to us that your child has fun while learning!

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