Courses for 9 to 16 year-olds – Fit for English

Courses for 9 to 16 year-olds

Learning for life: if you are good at speaking and understanding English, you will learn more about the world. Experienced Mortimer Trainers support our students to extend, improve and consolidate their English skills.

  • Contact with Mortimer students worldwide via video conferencing and email.
  • Effective learning methods, learn English and gain positive experiences.
  • Innovative private lessons and effective support.
  • For all types of school – from primary school to secondary school.
  • Learn grammar through exciting games.
  • Lively discussions, everyday topics.
  • Be well-prepared for secondary school: preparatory course for primary school pupils.

The Level 1 course is suitable for beginners or as a continuing course for English for Children alumni.

Learning objectives: Communication, listening and reading comprehension

Speaking freely in English is a main focus of our courses alongside the consolidation of grammar. Through our many conversational games students will soon be able to communicate instinctively in English. Grammar is explained in great detail and consolidated with many games and exercises. We help to eliminate gaps in basic knowledge, while inhibitions about speaking a new language are gradually reduced. Communication, listening and comprehension are practiced with lots of fun and without the pressure to perform.

Learning age: 9 – 16 years

The demands placed on our children grow considerably after primary school. Large classes and a tightly organised syllabus do not leave much room for the individual at secondary school. It is mainly theoretical knowledge which is taught at school. At Mortimer we have developed a practical concept which puts our children in a position to use the English language actively, freely, creatively and without inhibitions – similar to our native language.

Learning group: ca. 4 to 8 children

Teaching takes place in small, age-appropriately divided groups of ca. 4 – 8 children.

English for you and Fit for Business English – Courses for young adults

Even though you have successfully passed your school exams you can still continue to learn the English language. At Mortimer young adults can cultivate their language skills in preparation for or at the beginning of an apprenticeship or further study. Depending on your previous knowledge of English we offer the courses English for You Level 1 to 3 or Fit for Business English. For more information contact the manager of your local Mortimer English Club!