Uncle Godfrey’s jungle adventure

Hello children, last month I went to Africa to take some photos of wild animals. I tell you, that was very dangerous.

P.S. We have hidden one mistake in the story, can you spot it? You can find the solution under the story.

While I was walking through an African jungle, a poisonous snake nearly bit me.

When I was looking through my telescope a tiger came and ate up all my tuna sandwiches.

I crossed a river and accidentally stepped on a crocodile that looked like a log.

I found some sleeping bats hanging upside down from a branch. In Africa, you also find flying foxes.

When I wanted to photograph the bats, a panicked zebra suddenly appeared and knocked me down.

The poor zebra was hunted by a lion. I’m happy that the lion didn’t eat me.

Then I wanted to photograph some funny monkeys. They were very naughty and played with my equipment.

And then it happened. As I was trying to take the photo my flashlight exploded.

I was black all over. My camera, my hair, my beard and my clothes were burned. And the naughty monkeys laughed at me. That was the end of my photo safari. I had to go home to fix the camera.

Did you find the mistake in Uncle Godfrey’s story?

Here’s a hint: One of the animals in this story does not live in Africa. Do you know which one?

Click here for the solution

The tiger doesn’t live in Africa! All species of tigers live on the Asian continent.

By the way: Did you know that the largest cats on earth are tigers? The Siberian tiger can grow even bigger than a lion!

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