English for Minis

Course for 2 to 4 year-olds

Children like to take part in conversations – also in English! Our young knight Morty fills children with enthusiasm for an exciting new world of languages, they learn with all the senses and have lots of fun.

Successful learning with Mortimer is scientifically proven! More…

  • A course suitable for children held in small groups.
  • Happy lessons with games, songs, rhymes and handicrafts.
  • Fantastic and imaginatively drawn teaching materials.
  • Discover learning techniques for use at home.
  • Enjoy the exchange of experiences with other parents and a variety of activities for your child to take part in.
This course is suitable for beginners or as a continuing course for English for Little Ones alumni.

Learning objectives:

Mit einfachen Dialogen, Aktivitäten, Liedern, fantasievollen Illustrationen und Spielen erfreuen wir die Kleinen. In the beginning the emphasis is placed on understanding the language and speaking individual words. Vocabulary is slowly but steadily increased with many age-appropriate picture cards and games, so that the children can soon learn to speak simple, short sentences. With the aid of our specially developed teaching materials your child will soon be able to use the English language as naturally as their native language.

Learning age: 2 – 4 years

Infants aged 2 to 4 years still profit from their innate feel for languages. Provided we give our children the opportunity at this age they are able to intuitively learn several languages accent-free. In later life it will not be as easy to learn languages as it is in the initial months and years of their lives. With the aid of our specially developed activities and games, lovingly illustrated pictures and exciting short stories we will gently encourage your child to love the English language and use it just as naturally as their native language.

Learning group: ca. 4 to 6 infants

Teaching takes place in small, age-appropriately divided groups of ca. 4 – 6 children. Until your child has got used to the new group it can be useful for a parent or guardian of the child to take part in the lessons.

Teaching materials:

Set contains: 2 activity books, 1 story book, 1 colouring pad, 1 sticker booklet, 2 audio CDs and the orange Mortimer English Club bag. In our English for Minis set (ca. 300 words) we cover interesting topics which are appropriate for children. In addition the children become acquainted with many typical English songs and nursery rhymes. Grammar is picked up intuitively by the children, while simple grammar exercises are incorporated playfully in the lessons. In the extra book “Morty’s Kite Flight” the children also experience enchanting, imaginative adventures.
English for Children – Course for children from 4 to 10 years old From the age of 4 years your child is ready for English for Children. Based on the Mortimer principle children can be taught in a way which builds on previously learned materialsover several years.