Our lessons for children

We hold classes only in English, trying to avoid using of native language. Toddlers quickly adapt and try to repeat words and phrases. Drawing lessons we take into account the characteristics of each child and try to find the way for friendly communication.

Each group has from 6 to 8 children, so they do not get bored, and the teacher will be able to give enough attention to each.

Activities for kids are mainly carried out on the mat with specially designed training materials. Children play board games, puzzles and folded applications, draw, sing English songs and act out scenes. Thus, the children do not get tired or bored, with 8-9 activities per lesson. Together with educational materials parents will receive a CD with songs and rhymes. It is necessary to listen this CD every day.

Baby can repeat and better absorb the material while listening.

Children have the opportunity to attend classes with 1 or 2 times a week, from 35 to 55 minutes depending on the age of the child.

The first open lesson is free of charge. Here parents can see how we hold the classes. Baby can also invite a friend to such lesson.

Our teachers - our pride! They create a special comfortable learning atmosphere. Teachers mandatory learn techniques and programs of Mortimer English Club, and regularly improve their professional level.

Newsfrom Mortimer Headquarters in Herscheid, Germany

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